Our process is designed to minimise the amount of effort and time from you. Your visions are our challenge, and it’s this we relish. We’ve found that our clients really just want us to deliver their vision and present a clear project plan at the outset and keep them updated and most importantly meet their deadlines and budgets.

We start by talking with you about your vision and how we can help create it. Understanding your goals, challenges and budget is of paramount importance to us and we want to help develop your perfect customisation. At Autolab our team of designers are exceptionally thorough in our discovery, ensuring we tick every box for you and your vision.

We understand that you are a person we unique tastes and we work with you to begin developing the plan to meet all you essential requirements. Once we fully understand how you want to develop your car, we begin to formulate a proposal outlining your vision and the steps we’ll take to make it a reality.



They say, “Vision is King,” and that’s the truth.
At this stage, we will begin to give your project an identity!

We agonize over decisions, big and small, as we seek the right design and implementation plan for your project, covering Every Last Detail.
Our designers ensure that we will help you visually understand the direction of your project. We’ll review our concepts with you and make any adjustments you feel are necessary.

After you sign off on our creative approach, we start turning your vision into reality. We’ll provide you with a support framework, keeping you up to date with developments so you can keep in touch as your project unfolds.



When we complete all of the development and testing and you’re satisfied with our approach to your project we dedicate our teams into delivering your project on time and in budget.

We’ll schedule a date and time to go live. This involves ordering all parts, assigning time and your dedicated project manager oversees every last detail of your customisation.
You will be provided with a detailed itemised project plan with all aspects of your project so you can ensure nothing is left out and we deliver exactly what we have all agreed. Once your project has been completed we will invite you to our showroom to sign off.
At this stage if there is anything you want to review (likes and dislikes) your project manager will work with our team to make any final adjustments ready for you to drive away and enjoy your new bespoke vehicle.

We will always be here to support our work and support you and we'll only ever be a phone call or email away if you need us for anything in the future.